Monday, 5 October 2009

A rather good day

Today was fun. This is why:

  • I bought a milkshake, realised it surpassed my RDA in sugar, so the placebo effect alone got me hyper.
  • Got messy in art.
  • Did acting in English - due to me being one of the loudest and most irritating in the class, I was chosen for the central role of Dr Faustus. I decided to look important by sitting on a wheelie chair, but when I went to grab a prop dagger, I lost my balance and fell flat on my back, taking the contents of a nearby table with me.
  • On the return bus journey we talked about food, then Tamsin & I finally agreed over some music (Newton Falkner is better than Jackass Johnson).
  • I made an improvised cymbal stand for my drum kit, which made me feel Uber creative.

Due to the law that; the universe must equalise itself, an Australian has probably chopped off his hand, gotten divorced and fallen down a piranha infested well.

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